Fibodex News

1 min readMay 19, 2022


Hello everyone, we will inform you about the things that were done during our absence in a series of news. Stay Tuned

  1. We have been working non-stop for almost two months to complete the third quarter of the roadmap on time.
  2. Fortunately, we succeeded, all of them getting ready, One of the parts of the roadmap that has been prepared is the Fibodex hybrid exchange platform, but due to market conditions, we will postpone its launch.
  3. We have created conditions so that we can add new partners to the project, you can see it in the following link
  4. We have created an NFT for the first Fibo token burning, which we will publish soon and will be awarded to the first representatives of the Fibo community in 9 represented countries.
  5. This is our exchange view, which we will soon upload a demo version for users to visit in the following link
  6. We also plan to hold an INO for FiboDex’s one-year birthday at Launchpad @airnfts
  7. Unfortunately, we had trouble securing liquidity, and the exchanges where FIBO tokens were listed could not help sell our tokens.
  8. Therefore, we have started the first phase of adding investors and business partners in the following link
    Applicants for the partnership can be blockchain investors, influencers and tech companies.






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